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12. Dezember 2013 im Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

Speech by Marc Faber on 12th December 2013

The excellent speech by the well-known financial wizard Marc Faber captivated the audience of 100. He gave a good overview of the world economics during the last 100 years pointing out all the various bubbles, how they originated and how we are affected.

We thank Marc Faber for this fascinating speech and his generosity in waiving any fee so that we were able to collect over 80,000 THB to go towards the project we want to sponsor with the Child’s Dream Foundation. We have now collected around 150,000 THB which enables us to sponsor a clean-water-project for an impoverished community in the North of Thailand. The exact location will have to be determined. The money will be presented to the Child’s Dream Team at our annual New Year’s Brunch at the Le Méridien Hotel on 5th January 2014.

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