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Bylaws of the “Swiss Lanna Society”

(Revision March 2021)


  1. Name and Place
    Under the name of SLS “Swiss Lanna Society” there is a not-for-profit society based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  1. Purpose
    The SLS is a non-profit, politically and ideologically neutral organization and works within the framework of the SLS bylaws with the following objectives:
  • Promoting friendship among Swiss people
  • Promoting social and leisure activities
  • Maintaining good relationships with similar organizations in Thailand
  • Close cooperation with the Swiss Embassy to support local Swiss in need and to advise compatriots who want to settle in Chiang Mai
  1. Means
    Admission fees and membership fees are suggested by the board and set by the general assembly.
  1. Membership
    The SLS consists of individual, passive, honorary and associated members.
  • Individual Members: Persons of any nationality who agree to the purpose of the society and accept these bylaws.
  • Passive Members: natural persons (individuals) who annually transfer a contribution to the SLS. Passive members have no voting rights.
  • Honorary Members: Legal (public companies, private companies, associations) or natural persons (individuals) who have rendered outstanding service to the society. Honorary members have the same rights as members, but do not have to pay annual membership fees.
  • Associated Members: Other organizations and associations with similar objectives to the SLS can register themselves with the SLS as members and vice versa free of charge. Associated members have no voting rights.

All persons present at the founding meeting on February 4th, 2012, who signed the registration form and paid the membership fee, are automatically members of the SLS and count as founding members.

Application forms have to be sent to the SLS. The board decides about admission.

  1. Sponsors
    Legal entities (public companies, private companies, associations) or natural persons who support the society financially and with goodwill. In return, the sponsors are recommended to the members on our website. Sponsors are not members of the society and have no voting rights.
  1. Expiration of the Membership
    The membership expires:
  • For natural persons by resignation, exclusion or death.
  • For legal entities by resignation, exclusion or dissolution.
  • In case of non-payment of the membership fee by March 31st of the current year, the membership expires automatically. In case of re-entry, the admission fee will not be charged.
  1. Resignation and Exclusion

Resignation from the society is possible at any time by sending a letter of resignation to the president. In the event of resignation during the society year, contributions already paid remain the property of the society. A member may be excluded from the society by the board at any time, stating the reason and granting the right to be heard. The member may appeal the exclusion decision of the board at the general assembly.

  1. Organs of the Society
    The organs of the society are:
  • the general assembly or extraordinary general assembly
  • the board
  • the auditors
  1. The general assembly
    The highest body of the society is the general assembly. An ordinary general assembly takes place annually. All members are invited to the general assembly four weeks in advance in writing or by e-mail. Enclosed are: Agenda, annual report of the president, AGM minutes, annual financial statement, auditor’s report, budget proposal as well as a list of new positions to be filled on the board or for the auditors.

The general assembly is responsible for the following business:

  • Acceptance of the annual report of the president, the minutes of the general assembly, the annual accounts and the auditors’ report
  • Election of the president and the board
  • Election of the auditors
  • Approval of the annual budget
  • Approval of the annual program
  • Set admission fees and membership fees
  • Handling of exclusion appeals
  • Amendment of the bylaws
  • Handling of proposals concerning honorary members

At the general assembly, each member present, who has paid the membership fee for the current year, has one vote. A proxy is not possible. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority. Associated members of the society shall be invited to the general assembly, but shall not have the right to vote.

Proposals for amendments and additions to the agenda must be submitted to the board within 15 days of the date on which the agenda is sent out.

  1. The Board
    The board is the highest executive body of the society and is composed of at least 5 persons: President, secretary, treasurer, event manager and PR manager. These are elected for a period of 2 years and are eligible for re-election. The vice president is elected by the board. Resignations from the board shall be made at the general assembly and shall not exceed 50% of the board at any one time. The board may replace board members with an ad-interim person for valid reasons. The board represents the society externally and conducts the day-to-day business:
  • Preparation of business for the general assembly
  • Dealing with current business
  • Elaborating regulations and guidelines
  • Setting up of the annual program
  • Preparation of the budget
  • Public relations and membership recruitment
  • Admission and exclusion of members
  • Overall coordination
  • Organization of the office
  • Administration of the society’s assets
  1. The Auditors
    The general assembly elects two auditors annually. They shall audit the accounts of the society and submit a report and proposal to the general assembly.
  1. Signature
    The collective signature of the president or vice-president together with another member of the board makes a signature on behalf of the society binding.
  1. Liability
    Only the assets of the society are liable for the debts of the society. A personal liability of the members is excluded.

Participation in events of the SLS is at one’s own risk and expense. Any liability of the SLS and its helpers for personal injury and property damage is excluded. With the participation in the event this exclusion of liability is accepted.

  1. Accounting
    The accounting of the society is closed at the end of each calendar year. Members who have not paid the annual fees of a current year cannot benefit from membership discounts until payment is made (March 31 at the latest).
  1. Amendment of the Bylaws
    The present bylaws may be amended if two thirds of the members present agree to the proposed amendment.
  1. Dissolution of the Society
    The dissolution of the society may be decided by a two-thirds majority if three quarters of all members are present at the meeting. If less than three quarters of all members attend the meeting, a second meeting must be held within one month. At this second meeting the society can be dissolved by a simple majority even if less than three quarters of the members are present. In the event of a dissolution of the society, the assets of the society shall be donated to a charitable institution in Chiang Mai.
  1. Entry into Force
    These bylaws were adopted by the founding meeting in Chiang Mai on February 4th, 2012 and came into force immediately. The date of the current revision of the bylaws is noted at the top.

Note :     This is a translation of the German version. In case of disagreement, the German version shall prevail.


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